Monday, May 17, 2010

Bloomberg sign former CNN business anchor for Milken

For Milken Institute Global Conference Bloomberg Television has signed the former CNN business anchor, Willow Bay, as a special correspondent.

The short-term hiring of Ms. Disney chief executive Robert A. Iger’s wife, is bound to renew speculation about a potential pairing between Bloomberg and Disney’s ABC News division. There has been a lot of speculation on the partnership in the television news lately.

U.S. TV operations head for Bloomberg, David Rhodes, said in an interview that “we have relationships with a lot of different networks,” and said Ms. Bay’s stint on the business news channel was not related to it.

“This is about what she’s able to do for us in covering this event. We’re hoping to break some news there and put on some interesting programs,” he said. Mr. Rhodes said that Bloomberg lacked a big presence in Los Angeles, where Ms. Bay lived. “Willow is a smart and engaging talent who is right there in L.A. and familiar with the themes and the people that are going to be at this event,” he said
Since there are possibilities of Bloomberg and ABC partnership, An ABC News spokesman said Wednesday, “we have relationships with lots of news organizations around the world, and our relationship with Bloomberg is no different than any of those.

“One of our goals is to bring Bloomberg viewers inside this conference and give them a sense of not only the substance, of which there will be plenty, but also the flavor of the event,” said Ms. Bay.

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